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Colorado Language Program is a trusted organization, makes a fundamental and pragmatic promise – we are here to help you achieve your academic and language learning goals in the United States. Built by a group of excellent educators with over 30 years of teaching experience, Colorado Language Program will help you recognize and identify cause to why you are not achieving your objectives. We offer excellent education with a personalized curriculum and evidence-based strategies that will help you get you back on track quickly and efficiently as possible.
Colorado Language Program offers a wide range of courses and can provide accommodation for students that are ready and willing to grow and learn with us. Do you have questions? You can call us on (970) 619-0651 or email us at [email protected]

Personalized Curriculum and Tailored Courses

To fulfill our mission to provide the highest quality of academia – Colorado Language Program offers multiple courses that strengthen basic and advanced language skills. Colorado Language Program is here to offer excellent education with a student-centered approach, personalized curriculum and evidence- based strategies taught by experienced teachers and instructors. Facilities are welcoming, warm, and inclusive: making them the perfect place to learn.
We at Colorado Language Program know that learning a language is challenging, we are here to help. Call us and let us help you.  

Creating the Best Learning Environment

Creating the most effective learning environment is at the core of our ethos. At Colorado Language Program we believe that being in the right learning environment helps student absorb the knowledge being transferred to them. That’s why we made sure that we have the positive educational atmosphere so our students learn, grow, and succeed in the English Language. 

Colorado Language Program have instructors and teachers that are especially chosen for their expert knowledge. They separate themselves with their unmatched desire, passion and dedication to the task at hand. They can easily adapt when faced with a problem that could hinder the progression of learning.  


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Jaime Reyes

18 February 2020

18 February


This school is the best among others in Northern Colorado. The teachers are caring and genuine. Shineth is professional, knowledgeable and kind. I recommend the...
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